31 July 2006

Hediye postadan

Today I received a most happy treat when the postaci rang my doorbell with my package from Frau Liebe! Enclosed were the fabulous vintage bag I posted earlier, and red set including necklace, bracelet, and huge red clip on earrings. I love them! You can find more amazing finds from Germany on the Frau Liebe website. For those of you who didn't know... but can now see in my self-portrait with red jewelry, as of this week 31.07.06, I am 28 weeks pregnant! Photos taken in our lovely Turkish bathroom, which is as big as my old bedroom on Henry Street in an apartment I shared in undergrad.

Before I even opened the package, the smell of vintage leather wafted outward... vintage leather smell is not something I encounter often here in Turkey. The bag perfectly accomodates a book (currently reading A Short History of Byzantium)and all of my stitching materials as it opens accordion style.

This Thursday I will be going to Eminönü in Istanbul to buy beads and other jewelry-making supplies with my jewelry designer, Meral Hanım. Eminönü has a labyrinth of small shops one can get lost in. I can't wait to select new materials for new bags!

Magnolia cupcakes

What is there not to love about cupcakes? Intrigued by the following description of The Magnolia Bakery written by my friend Catarina, I decide to post her review and the tempting pictures she took. Truly, a good cupcake is a work of art in an of itself, and I have not had one since moving to Turkey! Oh, you lucky New Yorkers!

When we started to queue, there was only one woman ahead of us. She was dressed in medical scrubs and unsolicitedly regaled us with the the prize-winning nature of the cupcakes within. The store is small and rather rule-oriented. The small size of the shop only holds a handful of customers, so a baker/bouncer keeps the line in check. Inside there are signs telling customers that they can only buy up to 12 cupcakes per visit, and that no one should mistake the cake window display for seating space.

The beauty of the cupcakes is in their simplicity. No exotic sprinkles or gold flakes. Ranging from cheerful pastels to deep chocolate, the frosting caps have a homespun, yet elegant look.

p.s... if you are patient and want your very own wearable cupcake, visit Pancake Meow, who makes delicious -scented!- jewelry. She has put the jewelry on hiatus for a short period of time, so queue yourself in her cupcake line...

Central Park

La Divina
and Anna's Companion, two custom-made bags as worn by Catarina and Kate, in Central Park.

27 July 2006

La Divina

La Divina custom-made shoulder bag and baguette.....

Turquoise green silk thread from Bursa, a legendary stop on the Silk Road, was used to hand-stitch the profile of one of my nearest and dearest friends, Catarina. To transform her striking profile into a commemorative wearable object, she simply emailed me a b+w profile photo of herself. So now wherever she goes, she need look no further than her elegantly adorned shoulder to always knows where she is.

La Divina baguette....
For inquiries, email custom@rosedeniz.com.

La Catarina with La Divina in New York.

22 July 2006

Custom-made Milano Tote

Dear ladies,

This custom-made Milano tote is made from shimmery greenish-blue fabric and lined with a soft pink and black floral pattern. While this particular Milano tote can't be replicated (I used the last of the blue-green fabric and have only a tiny amount of the pink left -- for a clutch, perhaps?), I want to remind you that nearly every bag online can be crafted to your signature style. So be creative, play around with colors and details, and let me know how I can make your bag reflect you and no one else. -- Love, Rose

13 July 2006

Vintage Turkish lace necklace

Most individually designed jewelry comes with a story or inspiration of some sort, but who would have thought that a necklace could carry the history of a culture? This necklace made out of vintage Turkish lace combines both the 'oya' typically used to adorn the edge of patterned headscarves and the ubiquitous blue evil-eye bead, or 'nazar boncuk'. The evil-eye bead in a multitude of forms is featured in every home in Turkey above the front door, in the car to protect drivers, and even pinned to clothing. The lineage is rich and the history about both is fascinating and plentiful. Recently posted on the site.

Lace-making and scarf trim embellishment is an ancient art in Turkey that traces back to the Phrygians in 8th century BC. Even today, Turkish women with adept fingers make lace, or dantelle, in groups over tea. Sold in small shops and bazaars on informally set up tables and displays, this master craft maintains a place in society. When a lace edge is stitched onto a scarf using a delicate pattern, it is called 'oya' and is often very tiny, as this detail shows in centimeters.

For additional information on oya, fabrics, motifs, and Turkish culture in general, I found the Turkish Culture Portal to be an excellent resource.

Milano Jean Tote / Sultaness

Just posted on site: Milano Jean Tote.

Stilettos and rock n' roll meet schoolgirl book bag. The combination of thick tapestry-like fabric and slick 80's melted rubber jean material sets this tote apart from the rest. Pleated sides add variegated pink, ochre, and blue floral touches. Interior fabric is a vibrant blue and white circular print.

This jean fabric is seriously a once-in-a-lifetime find... I snatched it up at the Soğutluçeşme Pazar in Istanbul. There were only two meters of it and I had to have it. It is rather a problem-child in any sewing machine, though, so I imagine my usage of it will be limited to these one-of-a-kind creations.

Also added to the site... sumptuous Sultaness.

Sultaness is a visual feast with sizzling magenta, cream and pink. Wrapped in yellow-gold stitched magenta overlay, lined with rich and warm satiny cream and brown fabric, and all tied up with shiny pink cord reminiscent of drawing rooms draped in thick velvet curtains. Red and pink beads cascade from tassel and interior pocket stashes small valuables. Sultaness has a soft and flexible frame, curvy side tucks, and reinforced stitching.

12 July 2006

This is a very exciting Sunday

Not only is it the final game of the World Cup (ie... life returns to normal), but we have a new SHOE closet and wardrobe for our entryway. Brief digression into shoe closets in Turkey: everyone has one and they are a brilliant idea -- put smelly shoes far far away in an attractive cabinet. And I bought a fantastic vintage red leather bag and bright red necklace/bracelet set from Frau Liebe. I love the librarian satchel look of the bag and the reddish leather. Be sure to check out her other wonderful vintage and handmade items.

Small pouches

On your left, a mod card case made by Ohsoretro that I absolutely love. I had written a post on her stylish and functional card holders when I was searching for a new wallet, but I moved my blog from one place to another and by the time I was able to repost, the other card holders had sold out. This lovely designer has an Etsy shop and a blog.

And on the right, Copacetique's darling birdie wallet made of vintage wallhanging fabric. So sweet and simple, I adore it.

Above, the serpil blossom pouch. soon to be added to Rose Deniz Handbags site!

Serpil means to 'blossom out' in Turkish. This customizable pouch with silk hand-stitched embroidery would be perfect as a gift to yourself or for your bouquet of best friends or bridesmaids. Silk thread is from Bursa, Turkey, a legendary stop on the Silk Road.... also look at the La Divina post for another handbag with silk thread. Pouch exterior comes as shown in Striped Cream with name stitched using one of four different silk colors and color-coordinated zipper pull. Or, design all of the details of the pouch to fit your desires as an exclusive Custom* bag! Interior fabric can be requested at no extra charge for either style.

Check the site soon to order or send requests to orders@rosedeniz.com