29 March 2007

Zeynep Keklik

Yesterday I made a visit to my lovely friend and colleague Zeynep's airy, bright, and pattern-filled apartment in Izmit. She is a closet clothing and accessory designer who is now ready to reveal her intuitive sense of design and unique use of materials scoured from both everyday and vintage items.
Zeynep with macrame and beaded wall hangings

Rather than get discouraged by lack of financial means when she was a high school student, she began designing her own clothing in order to wear stylish, tailored clothing. Employing her mother as her seamstress, she turned out piece after piece of strikingly original clothing. She not only designed following current trends, but wove her own ideas into at times breezy and flowing pieces, and other times neat and fit two-piece suits and jackets. Here is a sampling of her beautiful work and a little trip through her deliciously decorated apartment. I particularly love her sense of minimal design, working geometric shapes and bright, modernist colors into pillow covers, cheery necklaces, boleros and tunics.

(left) Accessories made by Zeynep, including reworked brooches, beaded belt made from ribbon, transformed chiffon scarf into necklace and beaded pin.

(right) Modernist red and sequin-shaded lamp. The curtains are vintage, made by Zeynep's mother.

Zeynep in her silk-blend halter top

(left) Pretty yellow floral tile pattern in kitchen.

(right) Cheerful oval shapes on Zeynep's living room rug and sofa draped with her clothing designs.

Chiffon hand-beaded blouse and red tablecloth

Tea in Iznik tile-inspired cups, cookies, a vintage candleholder updated with a coat of red paint and pearl beads, and white pillow cover with sequined-square design.

17 March 2007

Coming soon!

Coming soon.... Meral Tuncer Damla earrings! Here's a sneak peak at her tear-shaped earrings in pink and bright, lovely Chalcedon necklace and earring set.

05 March 2007

This is Rose!

At home

In studio


Same place!

01 March 2007

We're back!

Rose Deniz is pleased to announce the 2007 Limited Editions collection is available online now. We've used lush velvet interior linings for all of the handbags, felted jean fabric, lightweight corduroy, quilted panels and side pleats. Take a look here! This collection also includes some little satin pouches and my new favorite fabric pattern, paisley.
Paisley Cake Pouch

Filiz Tote

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