27 August 2007

Directions to Minneapolis Trunk Show

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Here's a map of Minneapolis where the trunk show with Nest and Rectangle Designs will be on September 15. I've tallied up my stuff (haven't weighed my bags yet!) and it looks like I won't be brining any clothes... just bags and cute accessories!

24 August 2007

Fall Update

Already I am dreaming of fall colors, orange, red, and yellow leaves, brisk air, light jackets and scarves, but here in Turkey it is still over 90 degrees! I will be taking a nice month-long trip back the US to visit family, friends (and eat things I miss like sushi, reubens, a real bagel, and thai food), and introduce Evren Toprak to his American family. I always associate fall with the Midwest and I am eager to experience autumn in Wisconsin! I haven't been home in over a year and a half.

There are three trunk shows on the calendar:

Saturday, September 15 from 5-9pm at 5141 16th Avenue South
Saturday, September 29 (time tbd) at Painted Light Photo + Framing (address forthcoming)
Milwaukee: TBD

If you are in the Milwaukee, Chicago, or Minneapolis area and want a private showing or would like to host a trunk show, email me for availability! rose at rosedeniz dot com.

Also, any online orders before September 1 will ship from Turkey, but after September 1 until October 1, they will ship from the US. All the bags and goodies will be traveling with me by plane!

03 August 2007

Nest's Interview with Daryn Kagan

Here's an interview that features Nest on Daryn Kagan's daily digest of art, business, love, charity, and world events. On the video clip, you can hear Rebecca explain her passion for Nest and the work she does. Nest has helped two people I work with very closely get micro-loans... Meral Tuncer, and now Sevinc Esen, my seamstress. On this video clip you will see a slide of the bag I most recently designed for Nest, Ilke, and a table of Meral's shiny chandelier earrings. Sevinc's atolier and sewing machine is on there, too! This clip makes me so happy.