14 September 2008

Clutter away

The delicious photo above is from Joel C. Robinson and Leslie Ross's home and workshop that I took from The Selby. This is my reminder that really, my home is really not that cluttered or disorganized, nor my studio room as full of piles as I imagine. I love it when other people's homes and studios are full of fantastic things, but not when my own borderlines on overstuffed. It seems genetic that I create piles and tableau on every available empty surface, though, and have yet to tame the compulsive arranger in me.

Now that we know we are moving house, we're putting less time into keeping the house clean (we did vacuum today. yea!) and more into daydreaming about walls without peeling wallpaper, a kitchen counter that doesn't leak water from the sink, and bathroom cabinet doors that aren't on their hinges (should I be admitting this?). When I was a child, my floor could rarely be seen between the piles of clothes, books, shoes, and things. Then one day in Turkey, snap, everything became quite tidy. I think it was my 28th birthday. Now that I am 12 days away from 30, it seems this habit is here to stay. But I do need the reminder every now and then that it not need be picture perfect in my little home, and sifting through the amazing photos on The Selby is an excellent way to procrastinate on throwing away those piles of cardboard egg cartons (I will use them for packaging material someday, really) and miniature fabric scraps.

I love this little serger sewing nook in Cheri Messerli and David Rager's LA home.
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