29 February 2008

Pukka Living

With three different blogs, I am never sure which one to post on (sometimes they fit all three!), but I don't want to repeat myself endlessly, so I usually try to choose one. This time, this posting is several months late because I finally learned how to do a screen capture and can include the page Pukka Living wrote about my handbags. I also designed the watercolors for the site, which can be seen through the different pages. Be sure to take a look! Today a new friend, Joanne Yildirim's California Nail Bar is featured!

27 February 2008

Air Mail

Today is a great day! I just received a stack of mail, mostly from lovely Etsy.com sellers. I'll post highlights after I dig through the mail. Mail delivery in Turkey is something both exciting and cause for hand-wringing. I am never sure when something will turn up, though it always does eventually. Thankfully shipping out is much faster!

18 February 2008


A nice little review from The Bag Lady on Ilke:

"Looking at this Japanese floral-style bag from Rose Deniz makes me think of cosy weekends walking down to your local café to meet friends for a cup of tea or a late brekkie. It's big enough to stuff everything you need for a good Saturday or Sunday like your weekend supplements, an A to Z, camera and a shopping tote and it's reduced to $42.50. I'd choose a cosy but cute outfit of boyfriend jeans, printed top and canvas pumps to go with the slouchy sweet feel of the bag. "

I especially like her description of what to wear with it. Thanks so much, Bag Lady!!

Also, thanks to Modish, a very cute and stylish blog, for including this bag! Both of these were from way back in 2007, and I need to be more on top of thanking people!

16 February 2008

Framed stitching

I feel like I am having a shopping rebirth on Etsy.com, as if I had never shopped quite like this before. Maybe it's because I finally got my act together and started posting my own things (like drawings, oh my!), but I keep finding these wonderful things and shops that ship to Turkey. That is huge, though it is not good for my Paypal budget.

Anyway, this post is not to gush about Etsy.com, not that there is anything wrong with that, but to show you I finally got some lovely hand-stitched pieces framed. The two floral pieces were made by my dear friend Jenny who gave them to me, oh, over a year ago? I could never think of just the right thing to do with them -- cover a box, book cover, or the like. Finally I got the idea to frame them without glass and some soft poly layers behind them to make them emerge from the frame just a little bit. Liking it so much, I had a little hot pink stitching I did (again, last year, and it looks more red than pink in the picture) framed the same way. I thought of using it for a pillow embellishment or handbag, but in the end thought it would look good propped in a frame on display.

15 February 2008

PAF - Professional & Fabulous women of Istanbul

I've recently joined an amazing group of American and Canadian women pursuing their work while living in Istanbul, or in my case, Izmit. PAF (Professional and Fabulous) was once an extension of AWI - The American Women of Istanbul, but is now their own independent organization. This past week I meet Sharon Weiner, the Consul General, who graciously invited us into her home. It was my first meeting and I met a host of wonderful women with motivation and drive to build businesses and strong relationships in Turkey.

Damaris Kremida published this article in the Turkish Daily News, February 15, 2008, announcing PAF's break away from the group AWI - American Women of Istanbul.

10 February 2008

Etsy shop

My Etsy shop is up and running! I've added a few things besides handbags, like Oya-edged napkins, and Orgu bracelets, plus a couple new pouches and clutches I have yet to add to my website, like this Aqua Clutch, $28. http://www.rosedeniz.etsy.com/
Here's a set of delicately crocheted Oya-edged reversible floral napkins/handkerchiefs. Set of 2, lovingly edged by Sevinc Esen. $36
Orgu-bracelets in a selection of candy colors: red, purple, brown, and aqua. One bracelet, $22, detailed flowers crocheted by Meral Tuncer.

Lastly, a sweet Poppy bath towel edged by Sevinc Esesn, $46

New handbags for Nest

Take a look at Nest's http://www.buildanest.com/ new website and browse around their beautiful products that help women globally. Two of the bags I've created exclusively for Nest can be found on their bags link. The Turkish Clutch, above, is 25% off on the site, and my newest, Çiçek Clutch, below, has just beed added.