25 February 2009


day 15 Der Bilderklub, originally uploaded by samlovesherdog.

Gorgeous watercolors from Maquette for Der Bilderklub.

Lately, I've been working my way down my blog reader and sometimes it just feels rather strenuous. I avoid the blogs with a huge number of posts I haven't read, and just take sips from the others because I can only handle so much visual at one time. I really wish people would post just a little bit less so I could absorb more, sometimes. And I've been in Twitter land so 140 characters is sometimes enough for me!

A stunning illustration makes the digging through blog posts worth it, however.

Ruthie clutch

Super adorable Ruthie Clutch from Anna Maria Horner. I always skip to her blog posts in my reader because of the gorgeous photography, and wonderful storytelling about her life and family.

16 February 2009

Lace Paintings

Two new paintings to start off the New Year. They are quite small 12" x 12" but this fits the intimate scale of the lace off of which I was working. They are titled, respectively, Lace 1 and Lace 2. If they make it by the 28th via PTT Turkish post, they'll be in APW Gallery's WOI Vol. 2 exhibition, along with 200 other people making up to 5 - 12" paintings.

15 February 2009

The Moroccan Palette

Sephora's new Moroccan Palette was just the thing to pull me out of a Sunday blah.

I used to make paintings based on makeup colors, and even now reference cosmetics and adornment in my work. Taking a mental break from a marathon day of product photos and descriptions, data entry and attempting to get the children to bed at a reasonable time (plus meals and baths), I'm staring at these shimmery colors and thinking of travel.... which is exactly what they want me to do. I adore the gold pattern, and the hint of gold in the eyeshadow. Sephora is the sexiest cosmetic website, and a generous portion of my first real paycheck working full time was spent there, in person with a dear friend who introduced me to the world of eyeliner and the classic Poppy red lipstick. It is also where I discovered my fragrance, Hanae Mori. I wear others, but always come back to Hanae Mori.