18 July 2009

Summer Break

I have one week to go before I go home for a dear friend's wedding and spend some much-needed time with family. So why am I panicking about not having posted regularly the past few weeks instead of packing? Yesterday I caught up on my blog reading of Haus Maus, where Holly Becker muses on the absence of European bloggers during the summer. Noting that Europeans go on holiday from the online world as well as work world. And I was like, Harika! (Turkish for wonderful, marvelous or extraordinary). I can take a couple weeks off! I'm European now!

Here are a few illustrations I did a couple years ago that are part of a set of watercolors on Istanbul and which I rotate on my business cards. The rest of the set can be seen on my Flickr page. (The Light Garden, the linden illustration above made me think of you.) Hope you all enjoy a cool minty tea drink like the one below, and relax this summer! See you again in August.

14 July 2009

A Happy First

On Sunday we celebrated Lina's first birthday with a chocolate brownie slathered in frosting (thanks Rebecca!) and sprinkles. Typically I post about my children on our Deniz Babies blog, but this time there is a little DIY in the birthday pics. The party was very last minute and thrown together in a couple hours with the help of Rebecca, who has been staying with us while working with me as a volunteer for Nest. That requires a whole slew of photos that will have to come later. But in the meantime, we hastily cut out letters from an old newspaper and spelled out Lina Joan while guests were arriving. They were baffled by our scissors and DIY efforts, but we were pretty happy with the end result, and now get to read the news from last week in little snippets.

Here's to year number two in the Deniz household and hoping we can survive having two toddlers under one roof!

03 July 2009

Getting there

Lamp at night, photo by Barbara Heath

One cup of coffee down, one to go. On ice. Because it is so hot and humid here that just sitting is unbearable today. I have some corners, floors, and counter tops to attend to, and forgive me if the thought makes me want to take a nap. I've been busy at work on a set of new illustrations, and have two new short stories that I've started. I feel like there is much to share, but with everything in progress, it needs to wait a little bit. I've learned not to share things too soon, when the process needs more time, or to risk abandoning a fledgling project because of well-meaning feedback. Good or bad, the feedback can interfere with the direction it needs to take and slow down the momentum. In my opinion, there needs to be a hefty amount of work one does that never gets printed, hung on a wall, or saved in a portfolio. I need those 'mistakes' and unfinished pieces to generate ideas. What do you think? The other question for me is, when is it done enough to share? I'll save that thought for another, less brutally hot day. Have a happy weekend, and for those of you in the US, a happy 4th!