28 October 2009

Drawing diary

Pumpkin + soy sauce + feta cheese? On a bed of pasta it has three of my favorite things: sweet, salty, and nutty with a dash of hazelnut oil. Top with walnuts.

26 October 2009

Rescue Remedy

My anecdote for the unpleasantness of the common head cold is a homemade spiced black tea latte. What's yours?

20 October 2009


Last night I interrupted the making of roasted pumpkin and carrot soup (with coconut milk, onions and garlic, in case you are interested...) to check my email and found my very first official rejection letter for a story I wrote. These days things happen so quickly that I have little time to actually react before I jump to the next thing, like making sure the navy beans in the pressure cooker didn't explode while Topi and Lina take turns putting tiny balls of play-doh under everything, but I did actually think a few things that came rapidly: oh, okay, and wow, they actually sent a response instead of letting it disappear in the void (or spam). And then, I felt it was official. I've finally joined the ranks of other writers because I've officially been rejected. This is great! Now I only need like ten more rejections and then I'll start to think I'm getting somewhere.

Turkish fabric - edgy florals

So far has been a week of some doors closing and others opening (though I'm still kind of waiting for the green light somewhere) in many ways, and just when I think I can get away from some kind of shift in the universe making each and every hour a taxing test of my patience, I find little reminders that it's not over yet. So bodes this week. In the meantime I'm reading French Women Don't Get Fat thanks to Tara who lent it to me after a wonderful Sunday brunch at her house and employing all my best procrastination techniques to avoid doing whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing this week. Getting Things Done was not in the weekly forecast.

Over at IC, I wrote last week about the editing process for artists and designers. While writing it, it gave me an opportunity to see just how I work and why. I'd say I'm in step 8 of my own list, going back to work and examining all the possibilities of what could be new projects. In my opinion, this is the most uncomfortable stage. All the previous projects are done, the clean up is finished and now it's time to focus on something new. Like my toddler's birthday bash in an hour... 20 toddlers and cake, oh my.

*Harika means amazing, fabulous, splendid...

14 October 2009

Corner with blanket

This is where I want to sit everyday, yet I manage only to look at it with longing from the other side of the room as I either work from the table or circle around the room picking up toys and papers and clothes like a robot. The temperature dropped and now my hands are always cold, though I'm wearing a knitted poncho my mother made more than 30 years ago around the house. It's only for inside. I'm not brave enough to wear purple, pink, turquoise, lime green, two shades of pink and olive green all at once, much as I love bright colors. This morning I decided I would start appliqueing a quilt square, which turn a turn for the worse when the bird I was appliqueing started to look like a worm. I don't know why I always get the bright idea that I can do any one project in a day. So I'm starting over on that, maybe not using stuffing this time. I'm blogging this month over at Intarsia Concept, so come take a look if you want to get on the color wheel...

08 October 2009

Guest blogger at IC

This month I've been asked by Tara and Figen of Intarsia Concept (IC) to contribute as a guest design blogger. IC supports the development of creative endeavors and gives resources for creative entrepreneurs to build viable businesses. To give you a little teaser about what I'll be discussing, here's a clue:

Look for my first post this weekend. Come join in on the conversation if you consider yourself a creative entrepreneur making your own products, or are just curious about what I might have to say! Thanks, Tara and Figen for this opportunity!

07 October 2009


I'm fascinated by what is on the inside of things - between walls, under the flooring, old wallpaper layers. The literal stuff. So it was with glee when I snapped these pictures of the doorframe once the old one had been removed. We had all our windows and two balcony doors replaced over the last two days and it has been a dusty, yet quick experience.

Everything is back to normal, mostly, with wiring issues and I'm happy to be reunited with my computer and my phone. Even though I use my phone far less than I did in the US, it's kind of like a walkie-talkie for me and Devrim. Instant dial - reach husband - confirm something - hang up.

And now construction on the outside of the building has started, and though we've only lived in our building a year, it was a long, cold winter. We live in the ugliest building in the neighborhood (this is not an exaggeration - ask anyone) and I'm so excited about the paint job and insulation.