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I'm going on a journey. A style journey. Somehow my style got lost somewhere between Chicago O'Hare and Atatürk International airport and two pregnancy detours. Come join me as I get my fashion groove back in this Style Journal thanks to Heather Claus of 365 Days of Style. She assures me a personal look is possible, even for this work at home mom who lately feels more adventurous adding sequins to her quilting than her clothes.

In practice: Using what I've learned:

09.22.2010  Lesson 4Testing Color Theory

This week on 365 Days of Style, Heather Claus asks us how our clothing reflects our personality. Here's my response:

My clothing used to be mood-oriented. A fierce paisley or zig-zagged stripe when I was feeing bold, more muted colors when I wanted to display seriousness. In art school I wore heels and dresses to paint in my studio (with a smock over my dress, of course). Now I care that it look good, not that it be bold enough to be detected by satellite from afar. While my clothing basics may not be as splashy as when I was in my 20's, I feel more tailored and sophisticated. I think I've gotten to the point where I can shine through my outfit, rather than thinking everything I wear has to mirror mood or whimsy. In that case, that's where great accessories come in!

What about you? How does your clothing and style reflect you? 

Using the color family info from Lesson 2 below, here's a first try adding to my wardrobe since starting my style journey with Heather. 

09.04.2010  Lesson 3: Shapes and Flattery

Body shapes and flattery. I'm starting to get out of my comfort zone. I mean, when it comes to color, I'm so right there. Eat, drink, breathe color, it's what guides my design work, decor choices, and how long I stay put on a website {read: white text on black screen, -5 secs.}. But now I'm moving into new territory when it comes to shape and asking crucial questions about just what looks good on me. Looking good meaning not what looks good on the rack or model and makes me want it, looking good like I don't cringe and regret what I've bought once I get home. 

So shapes. Here's a glimpse into what I'm learning now from Heather:
She asks this question: "Although many women do not feel comfortable or look their best in close-fitted garments, which girl looks the most slender?" To me, the fitted shape looks the most slender. I tend to wear garments that fall into the Fitted --> Loose range. How about you? Do you gravitate to one or more of these silhouettes? When might it be okay to be outside of one's comfort zone? 

Having to choose between a small or full waist, I'm definitely in the full range. Here's a really great visual on what kind of waistlines work for a full waist:

I feel like I'm starting to synthesize this information so that the next time I go shopping, I have color swatches like below and some shapes to guide me along. Cross my fingers it means being able to spot something as potentially flattering before I drag it into the dressing room and get disappointed!

08.30.2010 Lesson 2: Color Family and Body Shape

Heather Claus of 365 Days of Style uses "five color classifications, based on nature. Those are: Ocean, Sky, Earth, Fire & Flora."

Ocean representes low-contrast cool colorations.
Sky represents high-contrast cool colorations.
Earth represents low-contrast warm colorations.
Fire represents high-contrast warm colorations.
Flora respresents neutral colorations.

While a full color course with 365 Days of Style can better explain the reasons for this classification, I determined from my color neutrals in Lesson 1 that I have Sky, or high-contrast, cool colorations. This is great because they are already colors I am drawn to, so I don't have to reinvent the wheel in terms of educating myself about which colors I should look for. Also funny is how magenta and turquoise are both good for my skin tone and my blog!

Harder has been moving away from color to the body and my body shape. I'm a Balanced )( or 'x' Shape - good news because now I know, but not so good because it means I am breaking my figure into fourths to find my strengths and weaknesses. Nice shoulders, weak chin, rounded arms, soft middle (but still proportionate to shoulders and bottom), etc.

More soon as I delve into styles that work well with my shape and explore how different silhouettes affect an overall look!

08.15.2010  Lesson 1: My Personal Colors / Skin Neutrals

The first lesson is determining my color neutrals - the colors that are naturally occurring in my skin. From there, I can build a palette of colors that will help me determine my color family in Lesson 2. I took photos of my palm, under eye, hair, iris, and ear (kind of funny to photograph my ear and then use Photoshop to find the colors) and created color squares to see what colors and patterns emerged. Lots of rosy pinks, muted beige, and then surprisingly, lavender, green, and cool blues.



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