Thank You: {Read This First}

When you read one of my Weekly Journal posts or look at my work, think about what art is or tweet me, I know that you took time out of your day, your very-you day that only you can live and no one else can live for you where you make things and talk to people and earn money and take care of your kids and nurture your projects and travel the world by plane or imagination and still make it home in time for dinner (all in the same day, right?).

Because I know how easy it is to get distracted, to find yourself in a place somewhere on the internet very different from where you started out, and the fact that you came here and read something or looked at something means so much to me.

Thank you. 

When I started blogging in 2004, it was because I was moving from Michigan to Izmit, Turkey and wanted to document changes, and my new view on the world. Six years later, blogging still enthralls me because of it's possibilities to spark growth and connections with people. As Rebecca Rasmussen said to me, "blogging invites creative energy."

So thank you. Because of you and everyone that looks and reads and says stuff on my blog, I get to grow and learn and ask questions. And that's nothing to take for granted.