31 July 2006

Magnolia cupcakes

What is there not to love about cupcakes? Intrigued by the following description of The Magnolia Bakery written by my friend Catarina, I decide to post her review and the tempting pictures she took. Truly, a good cupcake is a work of art in an of itself, and I have not had one since moving to Turkey! Oh, you lucky New Yorkers!

When we started to queue, there was only one woman ahead of us. She was dressed in medical scrubs and unsolicitedly regaled us with the the prize-winning nature of the cupcakes within. The store is small and rather rule-oriented. The small size of the shop only holds a handful of customers, so a baker/bouncer keeps the line in check. Inside there are signs telling customers that they can only buy up to 12 cupcakes per visit, and that no one should mistake the cake window display for seating space.

The beauty of the cupcakes is in their simplicity. No exotic sprinkles or gold flakes. Ranging from cheerful pastels to deep chocolate, the frosting caps have a homespun, yet elegant look.

p.s... if you are patient and want your very own wearable cupcake, visit Pancake Meow, who makes delicious -scented!- jewelry. She has put the jewelry on hiatus for a short period of time, so queue yourself in her cupcake line...
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