02 May 2007

Istanbul Street Style

For everyone in Istanbul, or for those who have been dying to visit, come to the Istanbul Street Style Sahane on Saturday, May 12 at theHall.

There's a rundown of the events of the evening posted on the site, and if you look under the designers section on the event site, you'll see me! I'll be outfitting the models in my newest Limited Edition bags and will set up shop in ISS's Bazaar. (Also, they have been sponsored in part by M.A.C, and there is a new M.A.C on Istiklal! I haven't allowed myself to go inside yet because I know what will happen.... though I am thinking of designing a new handbag collection around their amazing colors.)

This is also a great time to introduce ISS and give a glimpse of what they do: the Blog features fresh, real fashionable folk on the streets of Istanbul. They also do interviews, articles and host super events like Sahane. In a recent conversation with Dano Alexander, one of the founders, I heard all about how he and his team hope to merge the worlds of art, fashion, design and culture in Istanbul... pretty exciting, so check them out!

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