11 October 2008

Flocked wallpaper

I love this selection of flocked wallpaper from House Beautiful. While I won't be putting any wallpaper in our new apartment (yet), I do adore these patterns and may look for something similar here to do a corner or a wall sometime in the future. They feel very fall to me.Right now our floors have huge holes from the plumbing being put in. I know very little about cement, except that nearly all buildings here are made with it. It is strange to me to think that to put in a new electrical line one has to drill through cement to do so. Once the walls and floor were stripped of tile, it looked much like a commercial building site... chipped tile powder, lots of crunchy pieces below your feet. I'm getting ready to do the Before of the Before & After, but want it to look teeny bit nicer inside before I do that.
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