30 December 2008

Back Home

I've flown over the ocean and back, and am now awake at 3am reading design*sponge, clearing out my inbox and lamenting the fact that I have nothing involving pictures to blog about. My photos from our trip are all on a CD that I lent to my father-in-law because he took literally 100s of photos of my childhood home. Not people, but inch by inch of the house. Every corner. So I need to get them back from him and sort through them.

The children are sort of sleeping normally, but I'm still waking at odd hours and scouring the kitchen for naughty things. This image is of the cake topping for Topi's birthday (Oct 20) and I just found it now. It's not really in focus, but I love the little toppled snowman.

In some ways, slowing down right now is a good thing. I felt kind of manic before we went home to the US, trying to keep up with work, adjusting to a new baby, unpacking from the move, and packing luggage to travel. It's probably been over a month since I blogged, and in blog land that's an infinity, but it'll pick up again once I get paintings on the wall and take pictures.I'm back with a new camera, which has been oodles of fun to play with, and a wireless printer/scanner that actually works. And stacks of books. I have more fun ordering books and asking my father to be postman as they roll in the weeks before I go home. I think I came home with 10 magazines, too.

Now if only I could answer the question which home is home? Wisconsin? Turkey? Not answerable at 3am, I guess, though both makes the most sense.
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