15 February 2009

The Moroccan Palette

Sephora's new Moroccan Palette was just the thing to pull me out of a Sunday blah.

I used to make paintings based on makeup colors, and even now reference cosmetics and adornment in my work. Taking a mental break from a marathon day of product photos and descriptions, data entry and attempting to get the children to bed at a reasonable time (plus meals and baths), I'm staring at these shimmery colors and thinking of travel.... which is exactly what they want me to do. I adore the gold pattern, and the hint of gold in the eyeshadow. Sephora is the sexiest cosmetic website, and a generous portion of my first real paycheck working full time was spent there, in person with a dear friend who introduced me to the world of eyeliner and the classic Poppy red lipstick. It is also where I discovered my fragrance, Hanae Mori. I wear others, but always come back to Hanae Mori.

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