03 March 2009

A thoughtful postcard

Everything good has a story behind it, and some of the lovely things I've collected over time are no exception. Last year I bought a vintage embroidered tableau from Emily Lynch Vintage with the title "To a Friend's House the Way is Never Long" and it was nearly identical to the one my mother made when I was a child. I had to have it in my new home in Turkey, so I ordered it from Emily who cheerfully obliged my story about reclaiming a childhood artifact, and waited for the mail. And waited. Turns out some silly postal worker confused Turkey with Saudi Arabia and routed the embroidery via Saudi post, and when the package arrived in the mail, there was a stamp in blue informing me of it's detour. Happy to have it, I chuckled, but also thought, this oversight is a bit illustrative of people's misconceptions about the Middle East.
The adventurous embroidery, framed

Emily made my day again by sending a thoughtful postcard in the mail recalling this incident and our amusement over it, and in terms of customer loyalty, the postcard idea really works. It made me happy to see something besides a bill in the mailbox. The 94 cents an international postcard costs could secure a lasting relationship with a customer, and I immediately went to Emily's Etsy shop to peruse again.

This time I found a beautiful vintage tray that I think might just make it in the mail, if Emily is willing to take a chance on a the postal service again. Lest my earnest promotion of the tray cause someone else to want it as much as I do, I should really put it in my cart right away. It is one of a kind, after all. I do wish people like Emily much success because of the effort they put into reaching out and connecting with customers. It really makes a difference in if I return to a website to shop again.
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