20 January 2010

Reinventing the artist

Much like others go on pilgrimages to sacred places, art has been for me an act of searching. It has been a vehicle to describe the sensation of being a receiver of information and vision. It has given me an identity as part of a tribe of curious people asking questions visually. It has been a philosophy for processing stimulation, unraveling identity, and understanding the past.

What I didn’t expect as an artist is that I would leave the art world

And reenter by asking questions about what art really is.

Conversation is just part of Art is Dialogue. It is also an inkling that the rules for artists have changed while old models are still being employed. It is an invitation to consider the artist as being part of larger spheres of science, psychology, domesticity, entrepreneurship, travel and language.

Art is Dialogue gives credence to Jean Houston’s visionary idea that everyone has the potential to be a “social artist” as much as Mark Rothko’s exploration of art being divine and a location for spirituality.

Has art ever changed you? If so, was it the art itself, the space in which it was shown, or perhaps the place you were at in your life at that moment?
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