11 June 2010

How do you identify your center?

Ferries and mosques, seagulls and bridges. Quintessential imagery of Istanbul. 

In drawings and flashes of ideas, many that remain untapped in Jungian shadows, I explore the reasons I am here and not there. I write and make art to ask questions and explore the answers, not to wear the painter's hat. Different vehicles, same driver. 

Christina Katz talks about what's at the center of your writing career, essentially what you are offering in the work you do. Her metaphor is espresso at Starbucks, and how from that one elixir of life, all forms of frothy and mentally-stimulating drinks can be made. Being in several fields at the same time - art, writing, design, curating - has me tapping walls like a contractor looking for support beams to find a clear and direct way to say exactly what it is I'm offering. 

It's an ever-evolving task. Shifting from mommy mode to artist mode to editor. When I tap into a creative flow, it turns me on. Makes me know that positive, life-affirming change can happen when you do what you love.

How do you identify your center? Does your center of gravity shift with time?

Watercolor images copyright Rose Deniz.
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