07 September 2006

Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Break hearts with Cyberoptix's Heart Attack tie, just one of several heart-racing screenprinted and handsewn ties featuring vintage illustrations from Bethany Shorb. If you are feeling particularly literary, the ExLibris tie also comes in a variety of tie colors (sky blue is my favorite color choice, followed by white) with your choice of ink color. And for a more luxurious version of the poly-blend tie, many are available in 100% silk. For those of you with a more daring nature, there is a Squid Brain!, Bats with Hearts, and pink Bombs Away tie.

All ties are handscreened in Bethany's Detroit studio, where she also has a custom costumes division that has been responsible for outfitting feature films, music tours and other major events with hand detailed clothing. Her work has also been featured in Make and Fiberarts, lending strength to the credence that ties are not just for men.... sexy and classic at the same, I love the idea of sporting an ExLibris tie or the following Fern Illustration tie with stylish frames in a well-cut suit.

Visit Bethany's site at: Cyberoptix Tie Lab
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