07 September 2006

Karin Eriksson

signe beaker small, espresso leaf pattern, filled gold

Witness the beauty that is Karin Eriksson's work ... from design process to final, graceful and elegant product, her cups and beakers, vases and mobiles, lighting and chandeliers are thoughtfully and gorgeously made from stonewear, earthenware, glazed porcelain and mixed media.

signe tealight holder, rose bud pattern

With delicate drawing techniques, collage elements and pattern, her work derives from a fascination with nature, fashion, and functionality. Take a look at her sketches on the Inspiration page, and Working Process to get a glimpse of what goes on in her studio.

signe vase wide, collage pattern

And for a daily dose of the things that catch her eye, Karin's Style Blog is an excellent and color-rich accompaniment to her site. ... Karin Eriksson... photo credits: Lars Jonsson

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