13 October 2006

Diaper Bag

So I broke down and did it... I made a diaper bag. I had no logical conclusion like: I make handbags + I am pregnant = I will make a diaper bag. But frustrated by the extreme quality and price variations in diaper bags, both in Turkey and in my online perusals, I decided I would never find the bag I wanted unless I made it. I confess that there are aspects of it that I don't like (I won't point them out, though), and if I ever get the motivation to make another one, I'll be able to simplify the process and hopefully avoid those errors. But here are the highlights!
  • two interior pockets to hold bottles
  • one interior side has two pockets to hold diapers
  • the other interior side has a snapable pocket to hold a blanket or clothes
  • triple layer fabric plus use of recycled plastic components to reinforce sides and back
  • two snap closures on the front flap
  • main zipper closure
  • the pink brocade detailing is sewn into the seams
  • interior fabric a washable polyester
  • side exterior cell phone pocket
  • strong single strap (not adjustable, but I couldn't do everything this time!)
I admit to having some satisfaction that I did it and can tell people I did (because I get asked all the time if I will make one), and while making it, enjoyed it. I am not ready to make a Limited Edition version of it (more tweaking and changes will have to be made), but I would be open to discussing a custom order. Once I can get some things figured out and the kind of materials I need to make a batch, I may just leap into the 'designer diaper bag' world....

If you want to see more pictures of the diaper bag, I have posted them on my Flikr account.
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