18 October 2006

Daily Candy - Nesting instinct

Rose Deniz Handbags and Nest have been featured in today's Daily Candy. Please share this honorific and delightful moment for us with everyone you know so we can continue building a strong circle of support for women seeking self-sustainable art and craft-based livelihoods in developing nations. This includes our very own Meral Tuncer, jewelry and accessory designer for Rose Deniz Handbags.


EVERYWHERE ---------------------------------------------

As a child, your piggy bank held a meager 38 cents (counting the few pennies stuck in the mouth). As an adult, your savings still reside in a pink ceramic pig.

New rule: No more frivolous shopping.

Loophole: Nest, the new nonprofit shopping site.

Nest provides interest-free loans to women in developing countries (like India and Madagascar) who are trying to start their own businesses. A co-op of sorts, Nest sells clothes, housewares, and jewelry made by both loan recipients and up-and-coming designers. Portions of proceeds then recirculate into the Nest community.

And the rewards for your charity are downright pretty: The Benefactress wristlet, which was designed in Istanbul, has gathered retro fabric adorned with an aquamarine charm. The cheery red and white Kukka ("flower") throw, made of ecofriendly materials, is created in Lithuania.

It's all guilt free, so go ahead and shamelessly spend what's left in your piggy bank.

You've always been a big advocate for change.

Available online at buildanest.com.
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