22 November 2006

Oh, where has the time gone?

I admit I am VERY behind on my posting these days... my little guy Evren turned a month old on Monday, which means I have not posted since he was born! That is what having a newborn will do; in addition, I am incredibly forgetful and misplace my keys daily, rarely get to change out of my pajamas until after noon (for some, this may be a perk, but for me, I don't feel like I have started my day until I change my clothes!), and have been able to make a decent dinner all of three times in one month. And that was with my parents here to help.

But, excuses aside, I still have been making things behind the scenes. Here is the Nest Benefactress Travel Pouch recently added to their site for the holidays:

You can purchase the pouch directly from Nest. And, I am making 18 cute little coin purses for my mother's bridge ladies. I'll post a couple when they are done. In addition, my jewelry designer, Meral Tuncer, has been busy making gorgeous sets for Nest. I'll share some images when they are on the site.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! to everyone who celebrates it.... here in Turkey it will be less exciting this year. Last year we made lasagna, mashed potatoes and profiterol with friends who also live in Turkey that are originally from California. This is all for now! Baby is calling! But here is one super cute picture I have to share...

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