27 April 2009


For the last several days, I've been thinking about a blog renaming. I've been blogging as Rose Deniz since 2005* (I can't believe it!), when I began doing handbag design. Now that I'm not exclusively doing handbags anymore, it makes less sense to me to have my blog be branded with my name. My handbag label is Rose Deniz, very pretty and pink, but I might be ready for a change for the blog. I'm brainstorming names, but nothing as of today has jumped out at me. I want something that is not my name, but is yet more personal. Does that make sense?

The other has been a mad obsession with fabric as of late. I have a cart loaded up on Etsy of Heather Ross, Heather Baily, and Anna Maria Horner fabric, and if I hit 'Checkout' at this very moment in time it will set me back a few hundred. Yes, that's right, hundred. So I need to pare down, and make horribly difficult decisions like buy by the yard, metre, or fat quarter. If I buy the fat quarters, I get more designs, but small surface area. So then I vascillate back to the yard, and realize I must have all of the patterns, hence the indecision. And the nail biting. Can I? Should I? Oh, why not? But then, the reality of shipping; to where? To Turkey where I might not get the package? To my parents who have been politely hoarding my stuff for so many years now?

{The Drawing Room fabric from AMH}

This feels like a Monday morning blech; a little bit back to the grind after my week off, a little bit still on personal holiday. My task, dear reader, if I were to have one, would be to ease back into work. Still do my projects. Still read. Still have breathing space. Still cuddle those little ones, potty train, and make stir-fry.

*Looking at my blog archive, I appear to have started in 2006, but before Blogger, I used Wordpress under the same title. Can you believe I switched from Wordpress to Blogger? I found Wordpress clunky in 2005. Now I kind of which I had stuck with it, but I'm not too eager to save all my images once again and risk losing them again like I did when I switched from one web host to another. That's another story.
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