12 May 2009

Return to Sender

The sketchbook that I sent to the Art House Gallery got returned to me today, and I have no idea why because none of the little boxes were checked on the USPS sticker. Sad me. But check out the really cool stamps on the envelope! When I send out a package, I never see the stamps because they only weigh it and put it in a stack. Only when someone on the receiving end shows me, or like today, I get a package returned, do I get to see the stamps.

The stamps with the soup in it says "Yüksük Çorbası" which must be a traditional Turkish soup. 'Yüksük' directly translates as "thimble" and sure enough, those little white pods look like thimbles. Maybe one of my Turkish friends can enlighten me about this soup? And then tell me how to make it? It looks delicious.

Happy Tuesday, friends. Oh, and notice the very lovely fabric staging the wayward package? Yep, lots and lots of happy fabric came my way this past week thanks to these three Etsy shops: Down Shadow Lane, It's Sew Me Fabrics, and A Fabric Outlet. I couldn't be happier. Now I have to start sewing!
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