14 October 2009

Corner with blanket

This is where I want to sit everyday, yet I manage only to look at it with longing from the other side of the room as I either work from the table or circle around the room picking up toys and papers and clothes like a robot. The temperature dropped and now my hands are always cold, though I'm wearing a knitted poncho my mother made more than 30 years ago around the house. It's only for inside. I'm not brave enough to wear purple, pink, turquoise, lime green, two shades of pink and olive green all at once, much as I love bright colors. This morning I decided I would start appliqueing a quilt square, which turn a turn for the worse when the bird I was appliqueing started to look like a worm. I don't know why I always get the bright idea that I can do any one project in a day. So I'm starting over on that, maybe not using stuffing this time. I'm blogging this month over at Intarsia Concept, so come take a look if you want to get on the color wheel...
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