07 October 2009


I'm fascinated by what is on the inside of things - between walls, under the flooring, old wallpaper layers. The literal stuff. So it was with glee when I snapped these pictures of the doorframe once the old one had been removed. We had all our windows and two balcony doors replaced over the last two days and it has been a dusty, yet quick experience.

Everything is back to normal, mostly, with wiring issues and I'm happy to be reunited with my computer and my phone. Even though I use my phone far less than I did in the US, it's kind of like a walkie-talkie for me and Devrim. Instant dial - reach husband - confirm something - hang up.

And now construction on the outside of the building has started, and though we've only lived in our building a year, it was a long, cold winter. We live in the ugliest building in the neighborhood (this is not an exaggeration - ask anyone) and I'm so excited about the paint job and insulation.

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