01 August 2006

Build your Nest

Rose Deniz Handbags is excited to announce a forthcoming collaboration with Nest, a nonprofit agency that works with individual designers to produce an exclusive item for Nest, the proceeds from which benefit women in developing countries as they create their own art-based businesses. We are incredibly pleased to be the first recipients of the micro-loan from Nest, as the loan will go towards supporting materials for the seamstresses and jewelry designer we work with. It has long been my vision to see these incredibly talented women further their own work and build sustainable incomes for themselves and their families.

In the words of Founder Rebecca Kousky,
"Women have been artists through the centuries, whether they are creating utilitarian household objects, clothes for the family or decorative objects for themselves, the female artistic tradition is a way of defining and maintaining the community. By providing entrepreneurial loans to craftswomen and artisans, their life can become their livelihood and the decorative objects that are the fruits of their labor can be enjoyed by discerning patrons throughout the world." The catalog and online store will be debuting the end of this summer, as will our clutch wristlette designed for Nest. Please visit the Nest website for more information on their global vision and the other designers working with Nest to create change for women in developing nations.
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