29 August 2006

k8: kate love

Today, the postaci gave me a most wonderful unexpected surprise! A soft, sweet jersey wrap made by my dear friend Kate Love. Kate, a painter and textile enthusiast, has long been a friend of mine ever since I dumped my coffee on her drawings in a Drawing Fundamentals class in undergrad. She even flew to Turkey to be a bridesmaid in my wedding and started working with fabric and textile design right about the same time as I did. She has occasionally threatened to return the favor and pour coffee on my work, too, for she told me it was a turning point in her artistic career when I was inconsolable over my clumsiness. Kate is now a Brooklyn-based artist, whose reused and preloved clothing has been worked and embellished with beads, ribbon and painterly details.

To view her other amazing creations, visit K8 Love on Lesbionic.com, also based in Brooklyn. Expect many more beautiful things to come from Kate's clothing collection in the months to come. My apologies for the color differentiation... taken under different light, the photo of me wearing the wrap is less saturated than in real life.

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