31 August 2006

Domestic Details

Today I love my coffee cup and ironing board. This morning the linear floral-esque pattern of the cup caught my eye as it gracefully sat upon my notebook and lovely bill to be paid. I bought two identical mugs with a glamorous inscription on the bottom that reads Vera Lezetti from the Bavaria Collection (complete with twin tigers and a crown crest) at Real, a not very glamorous department store/supermarket found all over Turkey, for approximately 2.36 ytl.

This image also gives you a glimpse of a non-traditional Turkish home (reminder that I must post images of average suburban Turkish apartments). I have become much more minimal in my color choices and furniture selection since moving to Turkey. I am now drawn towards simple, solid things that illuminate pattern, rather than get drowned by it.

And I couldn't resist posting a detail from our Lady (note the registered trademark) ironing board with mod diamond pattern. Every time I iron I am happy to see the juxtaposition of geometry and calligraphy-like product name. I admit that when scouring small home supply stores called Tuhafiyes *my pocket dictionary lists sundries, notions, and haberdashery as items that can be found there* (haberdashery...! how perfect, as I am reading a lot of Jane Austen these days), I was very excited to find that this ironing board was not only durable but attractive. Next time I may give in and buy the evil-eye patterned ironing board pad that everyone uses here.
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