29 August 2006

Secondhand Rose

It is always gratifying to find one's name used thoughtfully... and Secondhand Rose conjurs the most romantic possibilities. Thanks to design*sponge, a lovely blog discovery of the day that I am now infatuated with, I was led to Secondhand Rose's Ottoman Empire collection of furniture. This piece is a mid-19th century bone and ivory inlaid pedestal. Its place of origin is not listed on the site, but several others claim heritage in Egypt, Persia, and French Morocco. Secondhand Rose has an incredible wallpaper selection, which is how it caught my eye on design*sponge.

This is one of those days where every site I come across seems filled with beautiful things... my previous list of favorite sites and blogs seems very incomplete even a couple days later.

So here are a couple more that I have come to cherish, sans pictures or description...

claire coles
brocante home

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