26 August 2008

The Cardigan

Totally. In. Love. But, do I love it because Anthropologie suggests I do? After a bounty of inbox updates, have they been grooming me through the seasons to come to this moment when I see a navy cardigan (navy!) with gold and gasp? It would look lovely with The Skirt. It does concern me I am so persuaded by clever copy and well-taken photography. I do know that colors for upcoming seasons are often chosen way in advance, so we are being prepped to follow the herd through subtle color nuances that change from season to season. But should I care? I'll have to mull over it while I page through the Anthropologie online catalog like an addict, adding virtual sticky notes to everything I want.

Working on shipping out 15 sequin bags to Nest that were made by the lovely Sevinc Esen. And also doing paperwork for two more amazing women who will be getting a loan to share in the cost of buying a kiln. I got, oh, approximately 2 hours to work today. But somehow it all gets done, with a little help from friends. Lastly, with a kind of cheerfulness and glee, I turned down a teaching job at yet another new language school in Izmit. My reaction was immediate, and decision clear, when I started pacing and feeling moderately ill. The fact that most of the words that come out of my mouth are English is not nearly enough requisite knowledge to teach impressionable young Turkish students who would rather be anywhere other than a humid classroom learning about... oh shoot, I've forgotten everything already... say, prepositions and phrasal verbs.

The postcard on my desk, from the lovely Oezlem. Photograph by Ahmet Polat.
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