18 August 2008

Sunset + Hürriyet

Carrying along with my fingers crossed hoping that my blog photos will miraculously reappear again (anything before yesterday's edit has a friendly little blank rectangle in place of the photo), I'm posting happy things to help things along.

Amy Butler's wonderful new Sunset fabric swatches from her August Field's fabric... somehow looking ahead to fall in this dreadful heat is helping me sweat less. Looking at fabric makes me think about projects which makes me think about all that I want to be doing but have to postpone because of one little 35 day old baby girl and her 22 month old brother. How do I have time to post, you ask? Magic, and a little bit of having itchy fingers that want to DO something MAKE something but only have scant free time. So the least I can do is cross off something from my list - sync my Palm, upload photos, oh, and celebrate that my watercolors were featured in the Friday section of Hurriyet, a newspaper in Turkey, along with an interview with Ilgin about Pukka Living.

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