02 August 2008


I'm working on a new website via OPP, Other People's Pixels, which is why I haven't posted anything in ages, and oh, yeah, because I had a baby girl July 13. She's 20 days old today! Check out my other blog to see the little one and her jealous older brother, Topi... Deniz babies.

Back to OPP... they have cleverly tricked me into thinking I am designing my own website (cool) which makes me feel less inept in the world of website creating. I prefer to make pretty and embellish websites, not create them, so thankfully OPP takes the hard work out of it and just lets me upload with a click.

Stay posted for the change on my site, Rose Deniz, because I'll be combining my painting and illustration and design with my handbags and accessories. If it still says, Three new Limited Edition styles available! Thanks for taking a look, it's the old site.
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