21 August 2008

Texas Detritus

I think these photos my cousin Barbara took while in Texas of things swept up by Hurricane Dolly are interesting and eerie; a beach front anthropological catalog of human detritus.* I know there is a Japanese photographer who took these amazing photos of beaches years after Hiroshima, and if I could remember his name, I'd tell you. I had his book, but it is now long misplaced and probably living somewhere in a used book shop.

Yesterday I put together my 80ytl fan with one hand/arm while holding Lina in the crook of my other arm. Which means to say, it took a very long time to put together. When the fan was delivered (this is just a standard rotating three-speed fan on a long stand), it was in a box, and I thought the guy would come back and put it together. This is not so far-fetched. When you buy something, nearly anything electronic here, they send delivery guys who set up your purchase. If it hadn't been so hot, I would have waited until Lina was sleeping, but in order for Lina to sleep, we needed the fan to cool the room down so I did it one-handed. It was easy and pleasing to put together and I realized it was nearly identical to the one I replaced.

Lina turned 40 days old today, but I'll write more about that on my other blog once I upload the party pictures from today's cake and tea party.

*Detritus is a word I want to use more often. It is nicer-sounding than debris. It's 12 and I need to go to bed.
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