12 May 2009

Day Job

I thought there might be some of you that wonder just what it is I do when I creep off to 'work'. This is not of the painting and drawing variety, but the earning hard cold cash one. Well, I buy things, take pictures of them, and write about them. Once in a while I take a few pictures of things that seem, well, rather poetic. If the bottom of a jar of pickles can be so. In the interest of protecting privacy and the anonymity of the manufacturers, as well as my own credibility with the company I work for, I'm not posting anything that reveals any identities. Just enjoy the pics, and I may from time to time pull a few more out of my stash whenever I want to share the bottom of an aluminum can. Until then, you now can see where I get to exercise my right to detail; up close I think some of these products are simply beautiful in a singular, pre-consumed way... before the package is ripped into, served, thrown away.
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