28 May 2009

Tangents at the Market

This container and these bowls came home with me the other day when I went to the market. I'm not sure how it happens, but after I pick up the pasta, the milk, the bread, I wander over to the household items. Sometimes I look at socks, and eye the newest shampoo. It's all a diversion on my way to the check-out, a kind of daydreaming while looking at things I don't need and would never buy. Last week when I went, I looked at serving trays and cake stands, swooning over a glass turquoise cake stand. But every single one was broken in the box, the top separated from the stand. Clearly it had not been adhered properly, and was sadly poorly made. I usually have to eye my cart before I leave to make sure I have more food than 'things' because I can get carried away looking for pretty things to decorate with, and it seems now more than ever that in Turkey the shelves are getting flooded with things made in China. Unfortunately, the cake stand was made in Turkey by a brand that I typically like. Hopefully this isn't a sign of poor quality to come.
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