14 May 2009


As an art and design blog, plus some things and ideas I just want to share, I haven't really talked much about my writing or posted any links about the recent articles I've written as an expat mother for the Hurriyet Daily News. I also have scores of unpublished short stories, things I've gotten the thumbs up about by friends who have generously offered to read them, but they are awaiting action.

I'm not here to muse on the how's or when's of it, just sharing this information with you to also remind myself that this part of my life where I sit down and write between diaper changes, sewing, prepping canvas, and making homemade hummos (tonight's delight!) also has a place. Being in print both frightens and thrills me, which means I'm not quite seasoned enough. If I were, I would be more used to seeing my name in the newspaper (the paper kind, not the online one). Thanks to a dear friend, I've learned just to shut up and write, stop talking about it and do it. So for the remainer of 2009, that's my task.

My most recent contribution to the Hurriyet Daily News was for Mother's Day in the Local Expats Corner: To All Our Mother's Near and Far.

Motherhood in Turkey began for me nearly three years ago, early in the morning in late October. In the history of motherhood, this is but a blip on a radar screen, but it connects me to a legion of mothers that have come before and will come after me.

It is humbling to think as mothers we carry in our eggs future generations, even more so when we know that the grandmothers who birthed our mothers carried the egg that created us. Nestled inside us are generations.

To read the rest of the article, click here. And here are links to two more recent articles:

A Home of One's Own, Turkish Style
The Architecture of Looking from Outside

There is a third that I wrote, my first, that didn't make it into the online edition. Which is okay because the irony in it was lost on the editor who retitled it and it made me sound like a self-inflated, completely vain mother. So I won't be sharing that right now. As for the others, I hope you enjoy. Coming up next is Part 2 of A Home of One's Own, Turkish Style for the weekend of May 16-17, 2009.
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