12 June 2009

Friday Photos at Home

I've blogged more this week than I usually do, and I think it has something to do with the quality of light for taking photos. Winter is drab and dreary here, and now I feel like everything from my mood to the world outside has improved with a little sun therapy. This morning I was thinking about how when I started this blog in 2005, it was to promote my handbags and my newly founded business, and to focus on design in Turkey. So much has changed since then because I am not making handbags right now, nor promoting a business. This is a relief to me, and blogging now has become more of a joy than a chore.

The photo above has a very casually pasted family portrait on our entryway wall. It is covering a hole in the wall where I tried to nail into cement. Bad idea. I need a pro. It is of my Great-Great Grandfather Sambur and his grandchildren. The tiny girl with the curly blonde hair on his lap (the only blond one of the crew of Jewish children) is my maternal grandmother, Edna. I should frame this photo, but fortunately I have two; one is tucked away between tissue for framing, and this is a replica.

Here's a high contrast glimpse into our living room. If you live in a house with rectangular-shaped rooms, you will understand my plight while taking photos. There is no good angle, everything is narrow and hard to get into the frame. I held my camera up high and happened to get a slice of our entryway light fixture (a pretty cut glass purple thing that I just had to have) in the process. It makes our living room look otherworldly and far more modern than it really is.

Have a happy Friday. I'm off to savor the last few minutes I might have on my own in a quiet house before I pick up the kids and my normally hectic pace continues.
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