13 June 2009

Rainy Day Pages

Just after having said we were having sunny days perfect for photo ops, I woke up to rain drenched sidewalks and brilliantly green trees and grass from an early morning storm. Not the ideal day for hanging laundry outside, but I've got a down comforter on the line that I hope won't take three days to dry. Rainy days make me want to cozy up and make things more than on sunny days, and I've taken a few pictures of recent notebook pages in progress. I'm never sure when a page is 'done' but it usually happens after I see enough disparate things working together, like mixed and matched patterns, contrasting colors, pale palettes against complicated surfaces. I usually use a graphic notebook or line free sketch pad, but this time I found a kraft paper journal at a stationery store and thought I'd give it a try.

If you journal and sketch, what kind of notebook do you prefer?

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