10 June 2009

Marie Claire Maison, June 09

I just participated in a recent magazine swap helped along by Holly Becker's post on decor8 and a forum on Kindred, sending magazines from Turkey to a lovely new friend in New York. I thought about how I sometimes see really gorgeous things in Turkish magazines and that they reach such a small audience. This is partly because it is in Turkish, but also because many of the spreads are regional. In major magazines like Marie Claire Maison, Elle Decor, and others, some of what I see are reused stories and interiors from UK or US versions. While interesting for Turkish readers, it doesn't excite me because I can find those same stories elsewhere. So in the spirit of sharing interiors and objects specific to Turkey, I've snapped some pics of some eye-catching pages. Above, coral and turquoise kitchen decor from Boyner.

Zodiac-inspired beding from Zorlu, from the Valeron collection. The magazine features a horoscope in its ad. While searching for a website for Zorlu that wasn't corporate, I found Dekor Türkiye. Not the prettiest website, but I can see there is more of a concern about interiors and decor being available online now in Turkey as compared to four years ago.

Cheerful kitchen accessories from a handful of places, from Ikea to Paşabahçe. I'm a huge fan of Paşabahçe for their gorgeous catalogs and range of offerings from luxurious to economic. Minus the unfortunate cake stand I didn't buy two weeks ago, I've been happy with everything from their cookery to wine glasses.

Gorgeous painted and inlaid tilework and pattern from the house of Uğur Batur on the Bosphorus.

From the same humble home (ha!), an incredibly gorgeous salon. As an aside, rather than scanning I took the photos with my Canon and it gives the illusion of being a miniature painting rather than a real space, doesn't it?

This fulfills my fantasty of having a bed draped in red velvet and surrounded by paintings. Why leave your room?

A couple from Belgium have settled in Turkey and created a dreamy, airy and sumptuous home. This is the entryway to their salon.

If I were a travel agent, and my clients had an unlimited budget, I would have them stay at this hotel and then sneak in so I could see it. Immitating a palace, this amazing hotel is suitably named Mardan Palace and is in Antalya, a resort city I have yet to see. If you are in Turkey or Turkish and you read that, you'll probably be ashamed for me that I've lived in Turkey four years and never been. Oh, well. I'm saving something for later, and my pennies for this hotel.

Check out the cushions in this close up. And that tea set. Brocade. Oh, my!

So now I'm free to pass on this magazine to a willing taker, in exchange for something fresh off the shelf in another country, and it need not be in English. Anyone? I should note that the binding on this magazine has loosened and that many of the pages are free because it is an oversized issue. If you don't mind, and want to cut up and/or post on an inspiration board, I'd be happy to send it to a new home.
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