15 June 2009

Sugar Pink

The sugar pink of this spread in June's Elle Decor Turkey transports me back to my bedroom when I was thirteen. It was on the top floor of our new house that we had moved to from St. Paul, MN to Wauwatosa in Milwaukee. There was a pink tiled bathroom on that floor and the attic. Someone had decided there was room for that bathroom and a garret bedroom with built in trunks under a window. Because the roof was so prominent, there wasn't one spot where the wall was taller than me, so I had these low walls against which I put a desk, and my books on built-in bookshelves painted white. The wall behind my bed I papered in a kind of country floral rose, with muted purples, mauves and green vine. From my window I could see over everybody else and down into backyards. It was the perfect room for a 13 year old girl, but we moved by the time I was 15. I still remember the carpeting being blue and plush. I wonder if the occupants of the house now have ever replaced the pink shower stall with a monthly breast exam sticker stuck to the tile that I was fascinated by. At 13, I had to wonder. My dad's bathroom was all over green tile. It was a fantastic house excepting the 'updates' like wall to wall carpeting.

This issue is still on the shelves until the end of this month if anyone would like a copy. There are some other delicious spreads in there, too.
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