17 September 2008

Gretchen Wagoner

Gretchen Wagoner was featured on Design*Sponge today, and I fell in love with her work. Reading her blog was very engaging, too, and seeing her work in progress. These pieces were posted in December 07, but I liked them so much I'm sharing them now. We've both got Wisconsin roots, which is why I think her work also resonates with me.

I've got a completely un-sleepy baby on my lap with the hiccups wearing a pink sweater and smiling at her own hand. Hard to complain about her nap-less day today under those conditions. Also hard to think, sometimes, when my hands are always busy holding, dressing, changing, a little one. But I am thinking more about Gretchen's blog and why I like it - the idea of leaving home and moving to NY is something many artists dream of; while reading her posts, I felt like I could be doing the same. My own decision not to be in NY is something that at times I still question... being outside of a network of familiarity. But as each year passes here, I feel more connected to living in Turkey and creating something I couldn't replicate anywhere else. So for just a few moments, I got to experience what it might have been like, so thank you, Gretchen.
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