03 September 2008

Paint palette

After subjecting my friends to the review of several paint palettes, I think I've come to a decision of which colors to use in our new apartment. I'm still undecided about the yellow for my studio, and am considering a softer yellow, more like this one below, but I'm not sure I want a buttery yellow in the studio (feels more kitchen-y). I love the bold yellow, and as my studio will be facing North, I think it can take the bright color to compensate for the indirect light.

As for the rest, the beige is similar to the all-over beige currently on the walls. I'm going to keep the living room and hallway that color. The turquoise is for our kitchen, blue for our bedroom, green for Topi + Lina's room, and the 'dirty white' (translated exactly from Turkish!) beige-y color for the entryway. I like the warm neutral colors with the deeper, cool colors. As we will be facing West and North, warm and cool colors will fit with it's direction. It is fun to play decorator after three years of living in a place we have done virtually nothing to. Devrim says he is okay with any color (I may have to remind him of this when he sees the yellow, blue and turquoise). I don't have a red room (I've always wanted one), but one day when we have a library, I will absolutely use a gorgeous red!
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