10 September 2008

New Antiques

Oh, if only I could stay home and blog all day! But there is laundry to do, an order to prepare, an apartment to decorate, and babies to snuggle with. And now Twitter. Help me g-d.

In an interview with Guilio Cappellini in Dwell March 2007, he is posed the question, "How is furniture design adapting to the evolving use of the home?", to which he replies...

We're seeing what they now call the new domestic nomadism. In the kitchen you work on your computer, maybe you invite your friends in. The bathroom is now the "wellness" room. If you have a small balcony, it's like a huge garden because you put all the green out there that you can. The living room is sort of agora, the center of the house, with very deep sofas where you can stay with your families just to watch television or invite your friends in a less formal way. The bedroom is where you can sleep or work. The kitchen is becoming very noble. The role of the dining room is declining. Nobody wants to use it- just for a Christmas dinner. Sometimes the most successful products are those you can use in different rooms."

Case in point these New Antiques low tables from the unstopable Marcel Wanders. Wouldn't I just love to have them in every room of my house? Makes me giddy to think of multi-purpose rooms, though our new apartment will be decidedly traditional in that respect. I am trying to devise a way to make the studio accomodate laundry in a tidy way (or another room), though, because I'd be lying to myself and everyone else if I said I promptly folded things and put them away. My excuse at the moment is that there is nowhere to put things! We need storage!, I say to my loving husband. Until then, piles.
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