18 September 2008

London Fashion Week from my couch

While I sit at home wearing orange sweatpants I bought at a bazaar three years ago, a periwinkle-gray-blue shirt, and navy blue orthopedic slippers (my poor feet!), let me comment on London's Fashion Week. Ahem. This will be good, I promise. I am mainly interested in color, so these designers popped out at me immediately. The Aquascutum collection is my absolute favorite, and that shimmery blue just glows - I love the transition from light to dark and deep as it flows while walking. I adore the draping and tailoring in fantastic bright and muted colors of Richard Nicoll's collection, too. And though I want to leave my flowing, hippie-esque, pregnancy-reminiscent clothes behind for a very long time (two pregnancies in three years is enough), Ossie Clark by Avsh Alom Gur's gorgeous dress made me take a second look.

This Jaeger London dress is all about lines and drawing and stop-action camera work at night. Splendid.
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