02 September 2008

Pixel Sofa

This gorgeous sofa is a chromo-maniac's dream. Clever and sophisticated, I found it through
Trendwatching.com, who provides links below to this amazing sofa:

"Spanish-born Cristian Zuzunaga, a 2007 graduate from the Royal College of Arts in London, believes the pixel is the icon of our time and has designed a Pixel Couch that will be produced by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat and sold through Moroso."

Below, the Pixel Sofa's softer and squishier cousin, a patchwork sofa created by Bertjan Pot, which I found on Womannation:

All of these color squares on sofas time out perfectly while I choose paint swatches for our new apartment. The big news here is that we will be renovating an apartment from the ground up (thankfully before we move in), and you can rest assured that I will provide every miniscule detail on how we do it!
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