16 September 2008

Pink bedroom

Sometimes I don't want to write a new post for awhile after adding something really important to me, like my mother's aprons. But I want to close the night by sharing the pink we've chosen for our bedroom (we decided not to do blue) from the Marshall Key catalog (above, in a kitchen setting and with the color swatch). I think it is quite pretty but not overpowering, and I already have some accents that will look nice with it - the quilt Meg made for Lina, a pink scarf on my dresser, and two framed stitchings done by Jenny.

I just love this corner from the Marshall Key website, too. The infusion of red and beige is really homey but striking, and I can't resist an attractive chair with reading material on it, either. Gives me ideas for how I might do some stenciling on the beige walls in the hallway.
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